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YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA continues to follow controversy surrounding lower valley dairy practices.

Neighbors say they're breathing in the liquid manure that farmers spray.

They submitted a petition to the Clean Air Agency asking it not be allowed during burn bans, which happen most often during inversions.

Clean air denied them saying there's no scientific link.

However at today's heated meeting the neighbor's lawyer convinced the clean air board otherwise.

""If it comes up to the point where all of a sudden you contact your legal council and they say no you don't have the authority, then we're done," Brian Davis said. "But, to slam the door on them right now is
premature. You have the authority."

The County's Clean Air Board will now review the proposal.

They'll discuss it again in about 30 days.

Yakima dairy controversy leads to heated Clean Air meeting

KIMA continues to follow controversy over lower valley dairy practices.