Young motorcycler on the fast track to success

Young motorcycler on the fast track to success »Play Video
Tanner Ritch. Action News photo
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Off and running, but Tanner Ritch is not off and tearing it up with speed. Total concentration in observed motor trials competition.

All about control, jumping up on obstacles and over bridges and streams. Nothing to do with how fast the bike's going. Keeping those feet on the pegs at all time. Touching the ground a penalty.

Tanner's glued to the bike at all times. This ten year old from Yakima one of the best around in our part of the biking world.

"I like the part where its not as dangerous as motocross," Tanner Ritch said. "You go slower than motocross."

But Tanner on the fast track to success in this unique sport more common in Europe than here. Riding a 50 CC bike now, Tanner will soon jump up to a 125 CC motorcycle moving up in class to higher competition.

No long range goal for Tanner and his motorcycle prowess at this point, but it is a sport that all ages compete in.

Tanner and his grandfather who built this back yard partial track for practicing got hooked after checking out observed trials at an event in Goldendale three years ago.

"The second year we went down we had a motorcycle entered it in an event," said Ed Humbard, Tanner's grandfather. "Mom didn't like that so much but we snuck that in. He took third place. He insisted that mom came the third year. Third year he got 2nd."