Yakima's Newest Football League, Flag Style!

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Central Washington a mecca for soccer and softball players of all ages. But what about fanatics suffering from football withdrawals?

Football, flag style at Chesterly Park. That's Andrew Watson calling the signals. Andrew, an experienced pig skinner. Talented enough to play the rough and tough tackle style at the Yakima Mavericks level.

But, minor league football requires a huge time and money commitment. Andrew, still committed to the game, but, at a calmer, less pressured level. Football was always big part of his life on the west side of the state, but when Andrew came to live in our Valley he was left wondering, 'where can I get a game?'

"When I moved out here it was real easy to get involved with playing soccer and softball. I grew up playing football. This is really about bringing new options. Giving more people the opportunity to get out and play. We hope to do this year round, so works for everybody," said Andrew Watson.

Starting this spring Andrew wants to get the word out about the new Yakima Flag Football League. With hopes of soon kicking off the first season with at least ten adult teams. Eight on a side competing on a field - 40 yards wide and 80 long. Yakima Flag Football League does have a website for more info to fill that gridiron void in your life. These guys and they're hoping a good number of gals as well will don the flags minus all the armor and the rock 'em sock 'em body banging of tackle football.

" It lessens the risk for injury. I'm playing on a bad knee. It let's more people get involved. It doesn't cost the money to out and buy pads. Don't have to worry about as many officials. It's a much simpler game. And, that way you can go co-ed as well," Watson said.