Yakima pumped to host state tournies

Spokane, Tacoma and Yakima hosting state basketball tournaments this week.

Our Sun Dome, the smallest venue, putting on by far the best event.

Patty Anderson "This is the girls portion. McDonalds, WF West. Theyre big, they're tall. Should be pretty good"

Patty Anderson announcing the 1 And 2A boys and girls teams that will bring their best in the state hoop acts to Yakima. Patty and Larry Anderson set up the team hosts. Local businesses such as Miner's who'll make sure the visiting teams feel right at home at the Dome. Part of a winning team of local volunteers who have done such an outstanding job the past decade and a half. More than 860 teams have gone back home from Yakima with memories forever from an experience of a lifetime.

Gene "Just take the players, coaches, managers. Twenty people on the pass list. That's 17,280 participants. Gary, that's a lot of hamburgers. That's over 15 years. You just see how that accumulates. And, the types of things that does for the economy here in the Yakima Valley."

Just a few years ago, when the WIAA was shaking things up, streamlining the state hoop calendar, when there was talk of Yakima possibly losing our championship tournaments to other venues including Tacoma, a sports columnist from Tacoma wrote a commentary stating that Yakima was the best place for championship basketball in all of Washington.

Bob Romero "A lot of that has to do with the work you do. When we were there yesterday he said again he goes, man I get stuck in the Tacoma Dome. I wish I could come back to the Sun dome. That's the greatest basketball venue in the state and the tournaments are better run there."