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Yak Tennis Clubbers battle the Pros!

Yak Tennis Clubbers battle the Pros!
Thrill of a lifetime.

Playing against the pros.

Youngster James Morton serving up some hot sauce for professional Jackelyn Cako to return. James, teaming up with buddy Jarod Keiser for their shot against the pros. Getting Yakima Regional pro tennis tourney week rolling in a fun, relaxed direction. Yakima tennis club members paying for the priviledge of a little court time with the young women for which these exhibitions and playing tournaments.....is their job. Nice work if you can get it.... Tourney sponsor Yakima Regional hospital's Rich Robinson and his wife Pam trading vollies with Alenka Winarova from Slovakia....and Florida's Chalena Schole....

Players "How are they doing? Pretty good. Is there hope? Oh, ya, definitely. Are you having fun? I'm having a lot of fun. Great, great fun. Great tournament. Are you beating them? It's one to one, isn't it?"
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