Wild and Crazy Fall Classic!

Wild and Crazy Fall Classic!
He can put the petal down.

Congrats to Selah's Shawn Herbst taking home the King of the Track title from this weekend's Washington State Drag Championships at Renegade Raceway.

And, another spectacular season of racing comes to an end at Yakima Speedway with yet another crazy Fall Classic. Only KIMA there for the bumping and grinding and exciting 200 lap Late Model Final. When, the smoke had cleared, the full moon came out...and look out. A freak wreck near the end would knock out Owen Riddle who up until then dominated the race........leaving seventeen year old Jake Bisset to muscle past 2009 winner Joey Tanner for second.....leaving Naima Lang alone to capture his second straight Fall Classic title and with it a sweet championship check worth ten grand...

Announcer "Naima Lang, the winner."

Naima Lang " Worth is right? Oh yeah, absolutely man. I can't thank these guys enough. Congratulations. Thank you."