UW brings its nationally ranked brand of Dawgball to the Valley

UW brings its nationally ranked brand of Dawgball to the Valley
Among the top ranked college fastpitch teams in America every year.

And, every year, taking time to show our kids here what a winning program is all about.

Smack that pill. These young ladies having a ball at Carlon Park in Selah this weekend. Potential fastpitch stars of the future getting better at this game by learning from the best. A skills clinic by the University of Washington Women's softball team.

NAT player coach " Shoulder, top of hips, top of our legs. K. So, 50 - 50 right now. Split my body I half, good."

Kids "What are we going to do next? Hit, that's the best part isn't it? Yeah. Hit home runs, right? Are you guys already playing on softball teams? Ya. Want to keep playing softball? Ya. What do you like about it? Competitiveness. Are the Huskies being pretty good? Yeah. Learning a lot? Ya."

How about those Huskies. How about Bill Harris and all the great folks in Selah who make this exceptional visit by the Purple and Gold possible........the 7th year in a row the nationally ranked U-Dub Diamond Dogs have spent a weekend in our Valley....giving back so much to kids in our part of the fastpitch world.

Heather Tarr "We don't really get over the mountains because Washington State University doesn't play softball. So, it's a good opportunity to take a lot of our girls who are coming from out of state maybe California. Come east of the mountains and learn what the other side of Washington is all about."

Go Dogs. )))