The Famous Bledsoes, where are they?

The Famous Bledsoes,  where are they?
Bledsoe, a name we know so well in our part of the sports world.

Still a painful memory for Husky fans, Drew Bledsoe throwing the winning touchdown for the Cougs in a frozen Pullman Apple Cup in the mid-90's. Drew of course went on to have a very successful career in the NFL. And, along with his father Mac, started the Drew Bledsoe Foundation for kids. Mac, an Ellensburg living in Montana....also founded Parenting with Dignity.

Welcome back Mac. Mac Bledsoe in Yakima today. The former local teacher and coach has for many years put on nationally recognized seminars on how to teach our kids how to make the right decisions. So, a natural choice as the featured speaker at this Safe Yakima Valley Awards luncheon. Safe Yakima all about taking personal accountability for safety in our community. And, supporting local youth sports programs which thrive, but, the news not so good for 4H, YMCA.

Mac Bledsoe "It's a no duh. But, those programs have been dying nationwide. Do to a lack of adult support. Not because kids aren't interested. But, becausse adults are not supporting them. But, I'm seeing that turn around here in Yakima."

Mac very proud of his community work. Very proud of his two football star sons. While Drew was leading Wazzu to some of its most memorable seasons in the early 90's and then getting paid to play on Sundays, younger brother Adam was quarterbacking the Ike Cadets.

Both now on the same team, partners in the wine business in Bend, Oregon. Adam, a father of three, and youth football coach. Drew, with four kids, three, pigskin sons. His oldest, a sophomore in high school where Drew is an assistant coach for his team.

Mac Bledsoe "His favorite part of the game is defense. He's a collision type of guy. His second has a real arm. And, a real knack for throwing the football. And, so does his third. Something in the blood. Ya, I guess so."