The Axe Bat in baseball

The Axe Bat in baseball
Hey moms and dads. Want to make a big hit with the kids.

Whip out the credit card and buy them the newest cool diamond gear.
Parents of little leaguers, you know how much equipment costs these days to keep your boys and girls smiling and swinging for the fences. Got a couple of hundred extra bucks. Here's the latest cool item that caught my eye. Ax-handled ended bats. You gotta feel them to get the feel for what I'm talking about. Although this is the first year Baden has marketed a full ax bat line. They're already being used at every level of the game including in the majors. But, the ax handle idea is not exactly new. One of the greatest hitters of all time Ted Williams was all over it in his day.

Greg Johnson "See how it just slots your hands. Feel that. It's just natural. He used to train in the off season with an axe handle. Would promote palms up - palm down. And, get your hands lined up. Keep your hands in that power position. So we kind of took that concept and ran with it."

Ten year old Colby Allan selling merchandise for youth baseball at this tournament in Selah....not connected to Baden at all....but, when I asked Colby if he'd ever heard of the ax bats... Oh ya....he owns two of them...

Colby Allan "Regular bats you don't get as good of a grip. These bats have even so you can get a really tight grip. Good or bad? Awesome."