Teeing off with two great local groups

It takes teamwork to win.

Stand up and cheer for this super winning effort.

Right on the money. Nice shot Mollie Tholas...new program director for the First Tee of Yakima...demonstrating a golf learning tool for youngsters they call snag.....starting new at golf. But, cool equipment like that costs money. To the rescue, again...the Parker Youth and Sports Foundation, made up of outstanding folks determined to assist local athletic programs.

Carol Finney "This is our 2nd grand to the 1st tee for SNAG equipment that helps young kids learn how to play golf"

Christina McCarthy :I would just like to thank the Parker Youth and Sports Foundation. This is a real community effort giving outreach to these kids all over the valley. We couldn't do it without the community."

Home base for the First Tee of yakima....sun Tides golf course....and this 3 acre patch.....next to the program's driving range...through donated efforts, now has irrigation......and soon more putting greens even sand traps.

Christina McCarthy "So kids can have the full idea of a real golf course with the challenges."

400 kids in the first tee of Yakima program last year....the outstanding non-profit holding its biggest annual fund raiser friday morning at the Yakima Convention Center......breakfast with the pros......local professional athletes from every sport. Ya, it's all about team work.....our community helping to make the First Tee Work. The first tee helping to mold youngsters in the valley into productive citizens.

Jerry Ward "It's been a pleasure watching First Tee grow over the last few years. We're especially pleased to give this particular grant because its targeted for the Madison House area, the southest area of Yakima. So, First Tee is really reaching out and hopefully providing more programs for young people here in the Valley."

There it is. Nice job. Did you shoot that? Thumbs up. Come on....Carol Finney.