Strung out at the Pro Tennis Tourney in Yakima

Strung out at the Pro Tennis Tourney in Yakima
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Not sure which is more high strung. The players in this week's pro tennis tournament in Yakima. Or their racquets.

Nobody knows more about the tennis raquet......racket than Yakima Tennis Club head teaching pro tyson McGuffin.....this week, the man in charge of restringing the pros weapons......doing hundreds of them including stringing Julia Glushko's money makers....The 23 year old from Israel, currently ranked 105th in the world, has 8 singles titles under her her prize raquets....need to be strung.....just right.

Julia Glushko said, "How often does that have to get done? After a couple of days."

A couple of days of hard pounding the pro level. Tyson, 23 years old......a former semi-pro tennis player.......winner of two state high school titles from his prep days in Chelan well aware of the pressure these professionals put on their raquets.....and on him.

Tyson McGuffin said,"They're nit picky about what they want, their tension, and all that. Get it right, or else, right? That's right. Get er right or else, they're going to be in my ear for a very long time. No pressure."