Special Olympics league?

Our kids play in some of the greatest athletic conferences in the state.

How about creating the same kind of leagues for our local Special Olympians?
Team West Valley hosting the second annual Special Olympics b-ball jamboree. Athletes from throughout Central Washington......this gathering to get a taste of what could be, bigger and better. To try and build up Special Ed sports programs in our schools....with the goal to increase the interest and numbers to the level of creating a local athletic league. We're not there yet. Right now, the valley doesn't have enough 14 - 21 year old Olympians.

Lucas Jaeger "we go right now we have nobody to play. If they can get it built up more teams and just jmore fun to have in the valley. Cook if we ccan schedule with Eisenhower to play a game our Sunnyside. Have our own little Yakima league eventually at some point."

say cheese.

Taynia Johns "Playing basketball today? Yes. What do you like about it? Win. Having fun? Yes."

That's what it's all about. But, make no mistake. The competition is keen. These kids out there to win.

Special Olympian "Hey guys, we got this. Finish it off."

This tournament the new unified style. Teams made up of a mix of special and non special olympic athletes.

West Valley High leading the way for other schools to hopefully follow with its mainstream unified phys ed classes.

Lucas Jaeger "Sometimes Special Ed kids will be in their own pe, playing tag or walking the track. Half and half classes they're expected to do the same pe. They make friends, they build relationships. We have right now kids who are going to school in Special Ed, come and visit them and spend a weekend with them and stuff."