Running with Wolves to Regionals

Seventeen local b-ball teams advancing to the state sweet 16's in the various classes.

Unfortunately the Grandview boys not earning an invite to the Regional party.

Knocked out last night at Pullman.

Getting wild in wapato. Getting after clarkston, winner in the state sweet 16. Loser done. Marcus Guevara for the wolves. Pack down 9 - 3, climbing back. Running with gibby patterson and the wolves.
Marcus, backing the bantams out of his way, cutting the deficit to a duece.
Still in the first. Wapato knotting things up. Shawn craig blazes to the rack, the contortionist mr. Guevara bending in another bucket.
Wolves gonna leave the bantams in their tracks. Chris vela backdoor cut, flashing home. Great victory for wapato. A date with west valley saturday at central washington university.