Roller Derby ready to rock the Sun Dome

Roller Derby ready to rock the Sun Dome
Roller Derby ready to rock the Sun Dome.

With a big assist from the Tri-Cities.

Get after it girls. The Wine Country Crushers from the Valley....getting their game on for their biggest show ever. This Saturday at the Yakima Sun Dome....The Barrel Bash.....four rockem sockem roller derby teams banging bodies on the flat track under the local Big Top.

Cassie Gordon "Get your picture taken with your favorite derby girl. Get your face painted like your favorite derby girl. All sorts of fun for the entire family"

no messin around here. The Crushers got it going on. Ready to lay out the Overbearings from Skagit Valley. Following the opening bout featuring the Hop Honies against the Merlot Maidens....teams made up of regional stars including a handful from the Atomic City Club out of the Tri-Cities. Alright coach, so who do you got skating on Saturday?

Cassie Gordon "Nine inch nailer, not your enemy. Not your friend. Nightmare moon. Slamdown. Guard your jewels. Lady Karma. On you assaau. Acess crack. And, I'm the HBIC."

Believe that stands for the head B in charge......charged for a rocken roll roller derby show Saturday at the Sun Dome. Get out there and scream for your favorite team. Tickets ten bucks in advance. 15 at the door. Check out this fast and exciting sport......the popularity growth...going crazy.. Everybody wants to derby.

Cassie "We have eight new fresh meat players, getting ready to gear up and start skating. Fresh meat? Fresh meat. They are fresh we are gong to beat them to a pulp."