Roller Derby in Yakima Rocks!

I had to check out Yakima's first roller derby bout.

Did anybody else show up to watch? Oh ya.

The Washington Mid School court packed. Hundreds, yelling and screaming.....

For our Wine Country their initial match against some big old bad girls from the west side. The more experienced Grunge City Rollers giving the Valley's Crushers a lesson on how to succeed in this body-banging....exciting fun new version of the old school sport so many of us grew up loving.

Coach This is your home. You run it. You run the track. You guys can do this. You do it every weekend.

Cassie The weather is perfect. The crowd is perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better time.

I totally agree. Wine country Crushers roller derby...a competitive exciting show. Check out the team website for schedule info.

Women "We love Derby. Awesome. They're doing good, especially for their first bout."