Roll out the red carpet for the Rodeo Royalty

Roll out the red carpet for the Rodeo Royalty
It's one of the most spectacular Rodeos in all of America.

If you have never been to one.

This is the one you gotta see.

The color, the pagentry. There is nothing like the Ellensburg Rodeo. Best cowboys in the world battling in one of the coolest corales on the planet. And, nobody represents this awesome event better than the Ellensburg Rodeo Queen and her Court.
Queen and Princesses "We're having a lot of fun. What do you do all what do you like? We travel around. We go to different parades and rodeos. We're basically ambassadors for the Ellensburg Rodeo."
And, what an outstanding job these native Kittitas County girls do in exemplifying the class act that is the Ellensburg Rodeo. Kayla, Jessie, and Jessica working countless hours on the pr circuit.
Queen and Princesses "To promote our rodeo and be dressed up like this. Looking good. All the little kids look up to us. What do they say? The cutest moment was some girl walked up to us. And, she was are you guys real?"
All a surreal dream come true for these young ladies. Ready to tell you the extravaganza gets rolling Thursday night with a hoedown in Ellensburg. Friday, round one of the rodeo, patriotic day. Saturday, the parade, afternoon rodeo and extreme bulls in the evening. Sunday, not too proud to wear pink day....wrapping up the rodeo city fun on Labor Day Monday.
Queen and Princesses "We're so excited. We can't wait. It's all we talk about. We're excited. Friday, we're really excited. That's our first. It's going to be very, very busy. We're going to have a long weekend. A few people you know there? Oh, just a couple. Everyone in the parade. Don't fall off your horse right? Right."