Rival Local Racers come together for a great cause.

Car racers are so intense.

Just want to beat that other guy to the line.

But, in times of crisis, those racing rivals pull together like family.

Serving up the tasty eats. That chili hit the spot. Those fine folks partaking....touching the hearts of favorite local race car driver Eric Hargraves, his daughter Allie, born prematurely a little more than a month ago....with a number of health issues......rushed to Portland with a 50 50 chance of survival......she did......allie's back home, much better...but, with many expensive followups to come......the chili feed......and cool items auctioned at this benefit raised many thousands of dollars toward helping the Hargraves with the medical bills.

Erick Hargraves "I've raced for 20 years. There's no win that could even come close how much support people have put on. Drez and I are humbled with all the support. It's just a blessing. The hair on the back of your neck stands up, just amazing."

Erick, amazing behind the wheel in the number 51 car.......a northwest late model champion......who told me.....he's planning to cut his 10 - 20 race a season schedule back to 3 or 4 events a year....because as a new dad, the yakima star behind the wheel he doesn't want to miss anything as Allie's health improves......and their family grows and loves together for many many race seasons to come.

Erick Hargraves "She's a winner. Enjoys cars. She fell asleep the whole way home. She didn't really wake up at all. If anything, the car put her to sleep. So, maybe she'll be in a race car here soon...ha, ha..ha.." )))