Rich tradition returns to the Yakima Country Club

Rich tradition returns to the Yakima Country Club
1982, the last time the Yakima Country Club hosted the Women's State Championships.

It's back. And, it's awesome.

Teeing off another spectacular event at the Country Club. And, this this one a biggie. KIMA, the only station covering today's first round of the Washington State Women's Golf Association State Championships. Wenatchee's Pat Terry sticking it.

Pat Terry "Where were you when I needed you on 12. Stuck that thing. I had two train wrecks. But, that one's nice. Birdie, birdie. Makes up for the train wrecks."

The Yakima Country Club proud to put on this oldest in the state prestigous event which the Club first hosted in 1926. Three years in the planning for the 2013 Title tourney....saving money and coming up with ideas. And, once again, the YCC has hit a hole in one.

Cindi Stewart 'It's an honor to do it. Yakima Country Club was one of the first clubs involved with it. Charter members. Big deal. Exciting. It is."

And, the caliber of play. Many of the 90 in the amateur field club champions and sub 10 handicappers.

Pat Martin "These gals can strike the ball. That make it fun? Oh, lot's of fun. Ya. It's good to be competitive."

Qualifying today to set the field for the always fun and competitive match play teeing off tomorrow......with the final pairing set to square off in a 36 hole last woman standing showdown on Friday. Awesome.