Revving it up with the Valley's Rascals

Revving it up with the Valley's Rascals
Every big time car racer......started a big way.

Roll out the racers......quarter midgets at their home track at State Fair Park. One of ten local club events this season for the Yakima Racing Rascals. The national quarter midget association regional series also includes weekend racing in Portland, Britsh Columbia...and Western Washington. And, even during the holiday season, the winter nationals in Las Vegas.

Ronnie Anderson "We travel down for the Vegas event in December. You're putting in a lot of miles and time. A lot of miles and time. It's a great experience. I always tell everybody we race when you fish."

reeling in memories of a lifetime......sharing with other racers and their families.

Kaiden Anderson "What I like about racing is that I meet new friends. It's just the joy of winning and racing."


The racing rascals family growing rapidly from 15 to 25 cars this year........waving the green flag for anyone who wants to come out and's all free.....or check out the rascals' website for info. It costs a few bucks to get into the sport....after that...easing off the money accelerator in to cruise control.

Ronnie Anderson " I spent $75 today, I'll spend $75 tomorrow. We'll race all weekend long. What it costs to go to the movies these days right? That's right"

A few spinouts.....but, fewer injuries in this sport than you'll find on the youth soccer and football fields. And, talk about learning self discipline..from five years old and up.....bumper to bumper....petal to the metal.....keen concentration a must....and for many....keeping the ultimate goal alive in their dreams.

Kaiden Anderson "I want to go into pro fours into NASCAR. Race Nascar, yup."