Rehabbing on air

When I ruptured my achilles tendon nearly a decade ago, I never played basketball again.

Buckle up......step on in....going for a wild ride......well not so wild....actually light and bouncy and comfortable.....and so hugely important.... .a big step in rehabbing gotta love this anti-gravity treadmill.

Robert Tranch "It feels good actually. It's obviously taking weight off. What's niece. When I injured my achilles I gained 15 to 20 pounds right away. So, it's kind of nice to be able to take that off and run sooner than I would normally be able to run."

Robert, in his mid-40s blew up his achilles playing indoor soccer.....when he came to Pro - Motion in Yakima after surgery....physical Therapist Michael Kane....wanted to temper his patient's expectations......but, after working it on the anti-gravity treadmill, Robert has exeeded all expectations... tackling the stairs at work...with hopes of getting back on that soccer field again.

Filled with air....the treamill cylinder can reduce a patient down to as low as 20 percent of their body weight...reducing stress on the body...making rehab exercise much more possible.

Michael "We can compare video with him in this to a video in this at full weight so you can literally see the changes in his mechanics as he moves."

New nasa technology that could reap out of this world benefits for rehabbing athletes....and for those of us who are athlete wanna be's. Gena Stoops has undergone multiple surgeries on her back and knee......when she couldn't exercise..her weight ballooned to over 300 pounds.....but, now with the anti gravity treadmill Gena can work out.....she's lost more than a hundred.

Gena "I'm able to run, I'm able to train. Without having extra pain. You could not have don't that without this? No, not without this."

The advantages of the anti - gravity treadmill seem to outweigh water rehab where body weight loss can't be controlled....and there are risks of possibly infecting open wounds in water. The air buoyed body.....a lift to a patient's mind.....and spirit.

Gena "I've brought a few people into the gym because they're so inspired by what I'm doing right now."