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Racing to help a local family in need!

Racing to help a local family in need!
As we gather with our families this week, so much to be thankful for.

And, so much we can learn.

Mykala Anderson.......around the state fair park oval........more than one thousand times. A quarter midget veteran. A starter for East Valley's basketball team......and, a seventeen year old with a heart of gold. Mykala's high school senior project toward graduation.......to find sponsors for her marathon ride.........raising money for a Selah mom with cancer....who's son is also suffering from the disease.

Here's the money. I don't know what to say.

Sherrie McAvan also lost a daughter to cancer. The young girl's picture, ....her son's....part of the gift package put together by Mykala....who's younger brother is now cancer free.

Mykala Anderson " I know how it feels. Going through this especially with your son and you. I just want to make sure I give back. So, I thought this would be an awesome senior project. To make sure I gave back and help you guys. Because I know you guys need help. i hope this helps you a lot. It will. You're an awesome young lady. Thank you.
Seahawks open OTAs with several stars missing Seahawks open OTAs with several stars missing