Partridge Family cult hero turned boxer

The last boxing match I went to in Tacoma....lot's of celebrities in the house.

Including NBA players....even an undefeated former boxing champion....sort of.

Shining in the ring at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma......Sunnyside's now undefeated Antonio Neal. Ringside....taking in all the action.....Danny Bonaduce.....who owns quite a history inside the ropes himself. Danny who....all you under 40 year olds ask. When I was a kid...So was littler Danny on one of the biggest hit shows on television.. Baby boomers never missed watching the tales of a made up for tv traveling pop rock band, the Partridge Family....with its obnoxious carrot top base player....Danny Bonaduce..

Danny Bonaduce "doctor, bite the bullet.."

Bonaduce grew up....but, never outgrew his life in the fast lane badboy image.....becoming a hit on the too weird not to be real show celebrity boxing.....and his knockout of rival child tv star Barry Williams.......Greg of the Brady Bunch. Danny hanging up the headgear after a perfect 13 - 0 Celeb fighting record. Now in his 50's, now a rock radio DJ in Seattle.....Bonaduce still loves the lace up gloves....often em cing fight nights at the Emerald Queen......still mobbed by fans of all ages......even the headline boxer on the card posing with the Partridge Family cult hero. Hey, I couldn't resist. I had a camera there too.

Danny Bonaduce "My favorite thing about boxing is, you know who won. It's the guy who's still standing up. Team sports, I've got nothing against them. But, you know what, your center might have won that game for you. In toxing it's the guy who's still standing. When you see this stuff do you want to get back in there? Every now and again I do. But, now that I'm getting a little bit older, she'd used to worry about it. I'd see a great fight. My wife would go, no you can't do it. But, now that I'm getting older the marks that they leave on my body would stay a little bit longer. Right on. Say hi to Yakima. Hey Yakima, hang in."

Ring Announcer "Winner by technical knockout.....Danny, Boom-Boom Bonaduce....."