Paddling pride in Selah!

Paddling pride in Selah!
Swimming with the Dolphins.

Diving in for a good time.

The Mid-Valley Swim League Championships in Selah. The host Dolphins, plus kids from Prosser, Grandview, Sunnyside, Toppenish, Naches and Othello. More than 500 young paddlers making a poolside full of parents very proud.

Ben Blakney said, "I like how its one of the sports you don't feel sweaty. And, its very social. It's just fun."

Fun for some time to come in Selah. The pool in jeopardy of being closed last year. Freestyling to the rescue, a bond was passed...with the tab to keep the pool afloat picked up by happy swimmers in the Selah Parks and Rec area. Maybe even enough to build a new pool in the future. You can't beat events like this. Three days of setting up camp. Making friends for a lifetime. A big pool party family pulling together.

Myles Blakney said, "As parents I did not realize how much work it actually takes to put these things on. Andy given swim meet there's 50 - 70 parent volunteers just to make a single meet happen. This event, double or triple that."