Our own 12th Man

Our own 12th Man
The Seahawks' Famous Twelth Man Fanatics include loud and proud fans from our part of the pigskin world.

Todd Lyons "Jason Wagner, congratulations on being named the Ultimate 12th man. We have something inside here for you. Why don't you reach in there and grab those bad boys. Oh boy. What you got there man? Season tickets baby. All right.

All right Jason. Winning four tickets to every Seahawks regular season home game this year......Jason and his decked out family getting the most votes in DJ Todd Lyons' 94.5 Katz Fm local on line ultimate 12th man contest.

Jason Wagner Got all my girls geared up. We put our picture in. It just kind of took off from there. Family and friends and co workers. Voted every day. So, it was a team effort. Oh, big time.

"Seahawks, Seahawks..."

"Who's going to the games? I'm going to the first one with him. Going to the second one. So, everybody's going to get a piece of the action. Oh ya. Their first games so it'll be great."

Jason Wagner "I think you 94.5 KATZ. You guys rock. Appreciate it. Right on. 12th man baby. Seahawks, yes sir...Love that"