Old Purple and Gold Dawg goes Crimson and Gray

As promised, sporting the colors of the winner in the U-Rule Yakima competition.

Cougs rule.

Painting Yak Avenue today.....a crimson shade of red and grey. Washington State fans outraising the U-Dub in the Yakima Rotary's fundraising rivalry showdown. For this whole week, declaring Yakima.....Cougarville

Dana Dwinell "It worked our amazingly well. I'm kind of choked up actually. It's really cool how everything came together."

Outnumbered locally, the huskies not even close coming up with the charity cash. Rotary with big plans to do this competition again next year. But, if the Dog Nation hopes to see Washington banners waving from Yakima Avenue in 2013, a lot more green's gonna have to come from the Purple and gold.

Dana Dwinell "Shoot yes. Those Huskies. I don't know. They're kind of lazy. Ouch. I'm a Husky."