No More Rodeo at State Fair In Yakima

An exciting part of the rich tradition of the Central Washington State Fair, the rodeo.

No more.

Rooting and hollerin for the top riders in the northwest......Always whacky and fun. The bucking horses and crazy bull as much a tradition at our state fair as elephant ears. The tasty sweet treats will still be around at State Fair Park in Yakima this fall. The rodeo won't be. They've ridden for the last time at the Grand Stand Arena. The rodeo has become too expensive, and too costly to put on in Yakima and won't be part of the State Fair program any more. There will still be plenty of horse power in front of the stands. The American Sprint Car series is scheduled to return to the fair in late September, and, the Demo Derby will be back.....kicking up the dirt. And, possibly more motor sports to fill the void of the competition in the corrale. The rodeo good times at the Central Washington State Fair, now only a memory.