Need replacement refs in Yakima?

Need replacement refs in Yakima?
Even when you're screaming at them to make the right call.

You gotta love them.

Our kids couldn't take the field without them.

They keep local high school games under control under the Friday night lights....and grid kid games too. Some of those hard working officials have been dedicating their time to make sure our games run smoothly for close to 40 years. They're the greatest. But, they can't keep doing it forever. Just like coaches recruit athletes, the men in stripes need to recruit new officials. Experience not a necessity. There's a fantastic training program. And, if you love the many rewards.

Will Gaethle " It's a great way to be part of the game. It's a great way to give back to kids in the Yakima Valley. To be a part of what they are each and every Friday night. We have a lot of games that go on throughout the week. And, we have grid kids all day Saturday. In three different locations so there's plenty of officiateing to be done. And, we'd love to see you come out and be part of it."

Phone numbers and web contacts for more info if you're feeling the referreeing fever.....for football.....and other high school sports. It's on our kima website as well. Nobody's gonna get rich from officiating our kids games. They work hard, they love it. They do the best job they can of making high school sporting events in the valley such an enjoyable matter how loudly some fans in the stands voice their disagreement.

Will Gaethle " You gotta take it as part of the game. The excitement. It's the passion. Really when you look at it, it's the passion they have for the game. And, the reason we're out there. It's the passion we have for the game and kids. Thank you for everything you guys do. We definitely appreciate it."