NBA Stars hoop in the Valley!

The NBA's two smallest guys making a huge impact here at home.

Enter at your own risk......amidst the mayhem of today's youth hoop camp at Davis High.......a couple of roundball super stars........saying cheese hundreds of times with adoring campers nba giants Nate Robinson and Isaiah Thomas. If you can size up a pair of 5-9 NBA point guards as Giants. Seriously, which of these two former U-Dub standouts....stands up taller...

Good buddies, the Seattle area natives team up to put on these local kids clinics throughout the summer. Robinson in his 7th pro year, leading the Chicago Bulls attack. Thomas, pumped for his third season in Sacramento. Yes, the same Kings, the deep pockets Emerald City gang with their extra hundreds of millions of dollars tried to buy and move to Key Arena. A deal NBA commissioner David Stern and his Henchmen made certain didn't happen. So, one on one with Isaiah, I had to ask.

Isaiah Thomas "Hopefully soon Seattle does get an NBA team. It was close. But, like I tell everybody, I've been a fan of the Sonics. Been a fan of seeing a team being taken away from a city. I didn't wish that upon no city. Hopefully Seattle gets a team soon. I'm glad Sacramento is still the Kings."

Isaiah and Nate will headline a marquee lineup of current and former NBA stars who played for the Purple and Gold at this weekend's first ever Husky Alumni Game in Seattle...Go Super Dogs.