NASCAR star rolling around the track in Yakima

A super exciting day for Nascar fans in the Valley. And, there are a lot of them.

Buckle up tight Tristan're going for the ride of a lifetime....

Tristan flying around the track at Yakima the passenger's seat.......behind the wheel of that comaro.....many time Nascar race winner Kasey Kahne. Tristan, a big car racing fan, but, with so many life complications. What a present on the eve of his 15th birthday.

Tristan "Was that fun Tristan? Ya. Ready for that huh."

Thank you Kasey Kahne.......drawing the lucky number. Sunnyside's Chris Woodworth winning himself a ride with the major league driver.

Welcome to Yakima.

Welcome back. Kasey, a 15 time Nascar Sprint Cup winner........The Ennunclaw, Washington native with history at our local track.

Kasey Kahne "First time ever here, tested a midget practice. First time I ever raced on pavement. Or drove on pavement. The track and everything. As soon as I made one lap in the comarro I remembered it."

Valley fans will remember this special day forever. Thank you Children's Village....Bob Hall Chevrolet and the rest for making it happen. Kasey Kahne, so involved with his charities....taking time to spend a day with special needs kids here.....and with local race buffs. Kasey, a champion....on and off the track.

Marty Summerlin "Thank you. How was that? That was perfect. I'm so happy....yoo....whooo..."