M's Moose steals the show from the M's Players

All sorts of talk still about the Mariners desperately trying to make a big deal that could make a big impact on the last place team.

Still reeling from their latest setback.

Diamondback Justin Upton vetoing a trade that would have sent the All-Star outfielder to Seattle.

M's reliever Charlie Furbush one of the names mentioned in the deal for Upton. Charlie and Outfielder Casper Wells visiting with the kids at Cottonwood Elementary School in Yakima today. The Mariner Caravan making its annual pre-spring training roll around the state good will tour. Furbush and Wells no stranger to the trade rumor mill. Both caught off guard when the pair were dealt to the Mariners in 2011 for Doug Fister.

Charlie Furbush "Ya, it's just part of the business for me after Casper and I got traded once already it's one of those things you kind of deal with and don't really think about too much."

Casper Wells "Kind of a shock to us when we did get traded. Our names weren't being thrown around too much. That's what happens. You're name's going to get thrown around. Unless you're one of those guys who has a contract pretty locked in, it just goes with the territory. All ou can control is your business. Mine's hitting the baseball. His is throwing it. That's all you can really control. Build it toward having a great season."

How fast is this off season flying by. Charlie, Casper and the rest of the Mariners report to Spring Training Camp in four weeks.

Mariner Moose show