Mr. CWU saying see ya to Central

Mr. CWU saying see ya to Central
I went to the University of Washington.

Even graduated.

The U-Dub, a huge school where's it's so easy to get lost in the hustle.

Not, so at Central.

CWU, a close family......and, when the head of the sports family leaves.....there's sincere sadness......A sense of loss when Central's Athletic Director Jack Bishop announced he's retiring at the end of the University's current acdemic year.
Jack Bishop "Somebody asked why and I said I guess I can't get any younger I guess is why. It just seems like the right time. I turned 65 this year. Going to finish this year out. And, move on and try some other things."
A lot of positive things accomplished during Bishop's 13 years on campus....overseeing Central Washington's transition from NAIA athletics to the NCAA Division Two level...and, extensive renovation of Nicholson Pavilion.
Jack has turned some of the day to day AD duties over to Wildcat assistant athletic director Jonathon Gordon who's done a superb job of keeping the Cwu sports ship running smoothly.
Central Washington won't begin its official search for a new AD until after the first of the year........and hopefully have a permanent boss hired by spring.
Jack says he doesn't expect to be part of the process of choosing his successor.
Jack Bishop " I don't think that I will and I'm guessing that maybe they won't want me to. How much you going to miss all this? Miss it a lot I think. Particularly miss Ellensburg and Central Washington itself. I've got a sixth grandkid any day now. My mom's still alive. The kids are down in Utah and they coach. Just want to spend more time with them while my health's still good."