Mavs ready to bust back out on the 2013 scene!

In the world of semi-pro football, it's survival of the fittest.

And, the Yakima Mavericks....still surviving.

Back to hitting and tackling and getting pumped up for another spring of Mavs ball. Yakima, will once again be one of the teams to beat. But, no patsies in the Pacific Football League anymore. Including Portland where the Mavs kick off the season April 13th. Some franchises have folded. There are fewer teams in the league than when it launched three years ago. So, that's left quality players looking for homes.

Steve Davis " The better teams are going to rob their best players. and, that's what they did. They have an advantage over there. Portland, Tacoma, Seattle. They can just take those players. Us over here. We're kind of limited to who we can get."

Got some good ones. Three new Division One guys including Coug quarterback Marshall Lobestahl. And, a solid veteran corp including Jesse Cardenas, now in his tenth season with the Mavericks.

Jesse Cardenas "Just being enthusiastic about playing the game of football. We all have love for it. From year to year the recipe doesn't change. Just got to get better at cooking it."

the mavs had the winning ingredients last year to make it all the way to the second round of the playoffs when they ran into a familiar roadblock. missing players....after a long season....running into the summer.. a dozen starters not around for Yakima's all important post season run to the championship.

Steve Davis "Our guys out here don't make money. they just do it for the love of the game. And, when it comes to a playoff game, we have guys getting married. Their brothers are getting married. Whatever, That's more important. Come on. Life is too short. We gotta, you know. but, it would be nice to have those 12 starters in the game."

Players Set, go. There you go. There you go. There you go. That was better."