Master Mike back at the mic

Master Mike back at the mic
Like that perfectly fitting pair of boots.

The perfect fit behind the Sports mic.

Another exciting kickoff under the Friday Night Lights in the Valley. Another local game broadcast by the best, veteran Mike Bastinelli, a familiar radio voice for Valley high school football.
Mike, back behind the mic. In the radio biz for decades, he stepped aside for a few seasons, getting into the local restaurant business. But, sports broadcasting in Mr. Bastinelli's blood. And, he's returned to the game....right back at home in the broadcast booth....
Mike Bastinelli "I'm having lot's of fun. As you can see I'm getting old so I need the glasses. I didn't have to do that before. Ya, I'm having a lot of fun. You're a broadcaster again. How does that feel? It feel like I never left. I love doing this. The community's happy to have you back. Well, thank you. And, it's great because my daughter's a cheerleader so I can watch the game and watch my daughter at the same time."