Local young future stars get their shot against the pros.

Our local stars getting a taste of what it's like against the pros.

Selah's McKenzie Kieser, winning that point.......a huge point in her match with Naomi Broady at the Yakima Tennis Club. McKenzie, only 15 years old, runnerup at this spring's state tennis tournament shut out by Ms. Broady, a professional from Great Britain, qualifying for this week's big money tournament in Yakima. But, what an experience for McKenzie and Yakima's Chloe Goyette who two months ago beat her old rival McKenzie for the state crown.....Chloe, making her debut against a pro facing off with Emily Harman. With some great rallies.......actually winning two games in her match against the American pro. Way to go Chloe...

Chloe "Ya, it was what I thought. Those prose are pretty darn good aren't they? Yup. Are you glad you did it? Ya, I'm happy I got to see the level that I wish to get to."