Local boxers ready to invade the Westside!

Boxing their way to the Big Time.

The best of our local fighters about to invade the West Side.

Toe to toe...banging away.... Marcelino Pineda in the black head gear and Santos Pakau. Hitting each other on this training day. The Saturday after next, in separate bouts, they'll be two of three fighters from Toppenish on an impressive pro card at the Emerald Queen Casino.

Santos, 29, he's been in the fight game for more than a dozen years. Once, a member of New Zealand's Olympic Team, Pakau has found the going a bit rougher in our part of the world. A chance to rekindle his 144 pound pay to fight career in Toppenish where he'll box in the headline bout at the prestigous event in Tacoma.

Santos Pakau "It would mean a lot. For one it would be my first win in the states after six fights."

The pros train right along side three dozen regular amateurs at the Round Three Boxing Club in Toppenish.

Where kids are off the streets....and in the gym learning the sport of boxing....on their way to graduating from school and becoming productive citizens in our community. Started six years ago in part by lower valley native Hiram Cantu,

Hiram Cantu " It feels great. Give back to the community. Growing up here in Toppenish. So, I enjoy every minute of it. I like working with the kids. Helping them out."

29 year old Marcelino, still relatively new on the professional lace up the gloves scene. On the undercard at Emerald Queen, a shot for the 147 pounder to make his name known in the Northwest.

Marcelino Pineda "It's something I've liked since I was little. Helps me out like this. Money's not that bad. Helps me and my family out."