Local boxer swimming smooth at the 'Boat'

Headlining a major fight card at the Emerald Queen Casino. That's a big deal. But, doesn't always mean the greatest results.

Only KIMA there this weekend at the packed Casino in Tacoma. To root on Santos Pakau from Toppenish in the 10 round main event against former lightweight world champion Zahir Raheem. Whoops, didn't even last two rounds. Santos down and out - TKO'd by Raheem who hadn't fought in three years, but definitely shook off the rust in his pursuit of another title.

Much better for our local guy in the opener. Antonio Neal, fighting out of the Three Rounds Boxing Club in Toppenish....making his pro debut at 147 pounds....getting right after Seattle's Robert Yager. First round knockout for winner from our Valley.

Antonio Neal said, "It was everything I expected. it was like a video game almost. Felt like I was playing Finite Champion, the video game. So, anotherwards it felt good. Ya, felt really, really good. Ready for the next one? I'm ready tomorrow."

Winning his first pro fight at the Emerald Queen, where they always put together exciting ring events in front of a huge crowd and a lot of big name northwest connections - a big deal for up and coming pros like Antonio from Toppenish.

Antonio Neal said, "What's going to happen with you? It puts my confidence way up there. So, I'm ready to get back in the gym, ready for the next one. Good luck man. Alright, thank you."