Kinder, gentler Yaks!

Kinder, gentler Yaks!
Kinder, gentler, but, still Proud and Loud, YVCC roundball.

No shortage of noise and excitement at Yakima Valley women's basketball practices this fall. Under new coach Greg Oldham. Greg taking over for Cody Butler, who's moved on to assist at Boise State. Oldham, with a couple of decades of high school coaching experience, including successful stints at Eisenhower, White Swan and West Valley, has been an assistant for the Yaks' men's team the past three seasons. Under Oldham, YVCC, still gonna be up tempo...still gonna get up and down the floor. The same style that Coach Butler was able to instill in what has become one of the strongest programs in the conference. Oldham, tweaking the Defense a little bit. But, the night and day difference this year in Oldham's coaching personality compared to Cody Butler's.

Greg Oldham "He's more of a yeller and a screamer. And, I'm a little more low key than that. Yhou're the cerebral guy? I don't know if I'm cerebral. I don't know if I'm that bright. We try to do it with positive encouragement have the kids want to play and feel free to play."

Coach Oldham "We're going to have to have everything going for us. We're going to have to have the effort. We're going to have to have the aggressive talk. We're going to have to have the trust in each other. And, this is where we build that."

Jaimi Cox "With Cody Butler, he's such a great coach. But, we were all so scared of him. With Coach Oldham, we have so much fun. But, we still work hard as you can see. How are you going to do this year. We're going to do great. We're going to win it. We're going to take the race."

A lot of talent on the floor right now as Greg Oldham, now wearing two hats as coach and assistant athletic director prepares to kick start a new era of YVCC women's basketball.

Greg Oldham "It's the opportunity I've been waiting for a while. And, it's fun."