KXDD Contesting on KIMA

KXDD Contesting on KIMA
Contestant: "This is Charlie, this is Dewey. Charlie... Dewey."

Yes, the KXDD radio morning team and the contestants who have been hauling around their cardboard images for the past month. Every day a new challenge.

Monday, hanging out with the KIMA crew at bowling. The KXDD Charlie and Dewey contestants show up where they're told to meet that day accumulating points for each completed task, get their picture taken, bonus point TV video.

At the end of this week the winner will pocket a check from the fine folks at the radio station for 25-hundred bucks. Been some crazy adventures along the way.

Donna Egger: "Out of state with my two best friends. Has it been worth it? It's been. We'll see right? It's been worth it because it's been a lot of fun."