Howl for the Hounds! Stars pick their colleges

The end of the school year means just the beginning for many Valley stars pumped up for the next big challenge.

Let's hear it for the Hounds. Grandview seniors making their college athletic plans official today. Soccer sensation Oryian Matheny signing her letter of intent for Walla Walla Community College. Oryian, The Greyhounds all time leading scorer, and, the league offensive player of the year.

Oryian Matheny "It was not easy really to play here. But, I definitely know that I can handle my emotions really well. I'll be a positive leader. You gonna miss it? Ya, gonna miss it alot."

Eric Suave taking his super baseball skills to Wenatchee Community College. In four years starting for the Hounds, Erik scored 40 runs, and named to the All CWAC Team.

Eric Suave "Overcoming many obstacles to become successful. Baseball is a game where you fail more than you succeed. So, you learn from more to be successful in the future"

The future looks just as bright for Payton Parrish, Grandview's most prolific b-baller ever....scoring nearly 16-hundred points. All league, 2nd team all state, Payton was wooed by many a hoop school. But, also pursued by college volleyball teams. The Greyhounds' team captain....chose Eastern play......

Payton Parrish "My passion is basketball. So, I'm really excited that I'm sticking to basketball. And, what are you taking away from Grandview? Definitely a sense of community and family. Knowing that I always have something to come back to. And, I'm excited."