Holiday eating season, time to get in shape?

Holiday eating season,  time to get in shape?
The Selah Fitness Challenge has gotten so big it's outgrown its old name.

Same time tested successful goal. Catchy new thing to call it. Now the eat right, get tight fitness challenge. They've been doing this Halloween candy through the holiday smorgosboard season
get in shape contest at Selah fitness Express for seven years now. It's grown from 20 teams to more than 120 in 2012.

Rick Betsch "We lost 3,000 pounds last year. So, we'd like to beat that number. Smartest way to get through the holiday season and do something right for yourself."

Come on Selah Cross Fit, join the Fun. Teaming up with Selah Fitness, expanding this year's contest. As many as 140 teams competing in the normal weight loss now, the exercise challenge with Selah Cross Fit on board...all about its functional fitness workouts.

David Gordon "You should be able to leave your gym after working out being able to accomplish any task that's placed before you during the day."

Signup deadline approaching. Do you have the mental toughness to challenge yourself like this through the grueling can I go back for seconds season? Prizes and cash incentives. Selah Cross Fitters Christian and Brianna Saint Hilair are going for it.

Briana and Christian " I would like to lose a little weight over the winter holidays. And, I'm here for support. I want to know how long you guys can exercise and talk at the same time. You know. An hour at least...ha, ha..."