Griffins rule the Central Washington rugby world!

They're the only team in this part of the state.

And, they're always among the best in the state.

That's how you practice a scrum before the actual body banging conflict against competition. That's how the Yakima Griffins get their game plan on. High school age kids from throughout the valley. Jonathan Douglas has been the Griffins' only head coach since the team got its rough and ready act going five years ago.

Jonathan Douglas "Now getting rugby players coming out now comparerd to those making the conversion. Guys who would have been two or three years in the program. Or would have had a ball in their hands before they came out. A lot of those guys had not played it. And, these guys are familiar with the the sport. At least they've had a couple friends at West Valley or LaSalle who have already played who have talked to them about coming out for much. Much more familiar with the game."

An All Star roster of college rugby players got their start with the Griffins. Tyler Enfield will take his talents to nationally ranked Central Washington University next year. The West Valley senior, considered one of the top players in the northwest. On track to play his way on to the national squad.

Tyler Enfield "It's not really an individual sport. You have to rely on the people around you. Kind of a sense of brotherhood in all of that."

The band of brothers from Yakima will kick off their home schedule this Saturday afternoon at one at Franklin Middle School against Rainier Plateu from Tumwater. The Griffins are young and talented. In true spirit vowing to uphold Yakima's already winning rugby tradition.

Jonathan Douglas "Two state tournament titles underneath our belt. We've had one thirteen win season, one undefeated season. Four our first year we've had winning seasons all the way through." )))