Golf balls raining from the sky!

Golf balls raining from the sky!
Take your positions. Look out below.....

It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's a helicopter......bombs away.,

wall to wall golf the pin wins........a fun part of today's fund raiser for the The first Tee of Yakima.....that great program that teaches kids the game....and all the important life lessons that go along with's good times golf at Sun Tides for first tee volunteers....wrapping up another successful season of turning local kids on to golf

Christina McCarthy. About 380 participants. So are kids who came out for nine weeks. Golf not a couple different courses. We look to expand a little bit wmore schools with our national schools program.

Scott do you do it....for the third year in a row...playing 150 holes in one day.

Scott Crimin I like golf so it's a good cause so why not

thanks scott.....thanks mr. Helicopter pilot for not plunking one on my any body's lucky ball ending up in the money cup.