Getting in shape for the golf / wine season

Pumped up for the golf season?

Your head may be telling you....let's go.

Your body may be saying.....whoa.....not so fast.

Becky Estelle 'You're just reaching toward your toe. From the side, hips square reaching towards. Anytime you're working your hamstrings."

Flexiblity, power and balance tips. Thank you Becky and Diane Harris.......from Yakima Athletic Club......demonstrating to an eager and receptive audience of women ready to tee off another fun season of the nine, wine and whine weekly golf socials at Apple Tree. Those of us with shoulder and back issues so appreciate the rewards on the course from stretched pain free muscles.......But, enough of the serious stuff.....

Cindy Macnider "There kind of five building blocks to a good golf game. The first one is drink lot's of wine."....

Yes, essential part of the growing in popularity nine, as in nine holes.... wine, and good natured whine concept.

Cindy Macnider "I sure do like this wine."

Janet Bigy "I get it. I see where you're after here. But, really the most important part of performing well on the golf course and enjoying your round of golf is how you look."

I couldn't agree more. You go girls.....and, have another terrific summer of the sun and then have some more fun.....