Fat paychecks for the fittest!

The fittest cashing some very fat checks.

But, banking that their experience will pay life long dividends.

Jermaine Allen lost 47 pounds to win the under 40 men's competition in this year's Yakima Athletic Club, Yak Fitness get in shape contest. 12 weeks of weight loss and nutrition. Among the 175 die hard participants....finalists in the team category, district attorney jim Haggarty and his wife Dawn.......well known radio personality Mike Bastinelli teaming up with co-owner of the Speakeasy in downtown Yakima, Jason Stiles. But, stand up and cheer for team Brown. Dropping more than 60 pounds, picking up the two-thousand dollar first prize.

Cody and Tesia Brown "We dedicated ourselves to this and we were at the gym almost every day for the whole time. Missed very few days, out of town. Ain't easy is it? No."

No, making changes that will better us for the rest of our lives.....never easy. But, so worth it. This year's 32 get in shape teams got rid of nearly 12-hundred pounds. Tim Trammel shed a bunch to capture the over 40 men's top cash award. Apple Tree golf pro and boss Cindy MacNider the women's prize. Like so many of us....Cindy has gone up and down.....but, like all of us....can't turn back the clock. And, that doesn't make playing the game she loves and is her career.....any less difficult.

Cindy MacNider "To maintain all of that I really had to get serious and say it isn't going to get any easier. This is now. This is the time."

Becky Estelle "How'd she do? Awesome. I tell her all the time she is the reason why I love being a personal trainer. She probably motivated me just as much if not more than I motivated her. She really makes it worth it."