Do 'freebies' get fans to Mariners games?

A six game losing streak means the changes are a coming for the Mariners.

Catcher Jesus Montero, batting only 200 demoted to Triple-A Tacoma.

Up from the Rainiers, catcher Jesus Sucre.

Went to a wild party.....and a baseball game broke out.

And, you thought they were just watching baseball at Safeco Field. Partying down at Edgar's Cantina out beyond the left field fence. Ya, there's a game going on back there somewhere......but, a visit to the an event.......for the whole family......whether you're wishing for good times ahead.....or sharing a moment...looking back with an old familiar friend..........

ticket taker..."Hi, guys how are you? Can you give me your tickets? How you doing tonight?"

Come on in kids......climb on board the Mariner Express......and scoop up this year's annual cool collecters edtion M's train car. Although attendance at the Safe has been embarrassingly low in recent seasons......promotions....such as the train car giveaways.....bump up the gate numbers considerably.....and for a lot of families......souvenier hand outs make the difference on whether they'll spend a few hundred bucks to take in a game.

M's mom "I think it was when we ere deciding which game to come to. Promotions kind of a big deal? Ya."

Crowd sings louie louie...

Rob "So, you got your train, right? Yup, that's right. I collect them every year. For how many years? Since 1999, the first one. 14 trains, whatever that adds up to. Basically enough to own a railroad? I pretty much do."

Crowd singing "Take me out to the ball game"... )))