Diamond Cup returning to Idaho

The 1959 Diamond Cup on Lake Coeur d'Alene. When those vintage boats....weren't vintage....they were the hydroplanes of the day........real roostertails. When the engines really roared. When the boats actually really raced.....this classic deck to deck duel between the Miss Bardahl and the Thriftway with the sports' greatest driver ever Bill Muncy getting soaked in that open cockpit. Back when the sport was so much louder....so much more exciting. So much more interesting. So much more dangerous. The Diamond Cup lasted a decade on Lake Coeur d'Alene but as the 1960's raged on so did the on shore drinking, fights....even rioting....until the plug was pulled on the money losing event in 1968. And, that was the last event in Idaho...until this summer. It's a whole different hydro world now, and the Diamond Cup is back for the first time in 45 years this coming Labor Day weekend. 50 thousand fans expected. Finally a race to fill that long month and a half gap between Seafair in early August...andl the San Diego race in September. Welcome back Diamond Cup. For those of us who grew up living and breathing hydroplane racing in the northwest......you've been sorely missed.