Champion bull rider tackles mechanical bull at fair

Champion bull rider tackles mechanical bull at fair
Riding that mechanical bull at the State Fair.

No problem right?

No problem if you know what you're doing. Melissa Taylor does.....All five foot tall of her. Going back to 2003, Melissa was riding the real bulls. She was pretty darn good at it. Winning the Washington State Junior Rodeo Bull riding title.

Melissa "It was unexpected I guess. I worked really hard for it. You're not the biggest person in the world. We're people surprised? Ya. A lot of people were shocked. Especially because I'm a girl."

A girl who wanted to show the boys she could hang with them. Melissa climbed on a big, bad bull when she was 11 years old....and, she was hooked.

Melissa " My brother did it and I wanted to be like him. And, when did you know you were good at it? I didn't really thought. I was good at it. I just felt I got lucky a few times."

More good than lucky. But, not the beginning of a dream to become a professional rider like so many young men who brave the real monster rides. Why? Pretty basic. Pro bull riding isn't offered to women.

And, what do you think about that.

Melissa "I think it's wrong."