CWU Hockey, hot on ice

Cats gone wild.....on ice.
Central Washington University hockey. The wildcats in red....taking on the Yakima Pub Hounds on our area's only indoor frozen sheet.

The local pub hounds a high level rec league team.....with players up to 50 years old. And, they're good. Want to watch some exciting, quality hockey.....check out the action at the Yakima Ice Rink. The Hounds competition on this night....pretty decent too. Central, a college club squad.

Justin Canada "Some of these guys have been playing hockey for as long as I have. Since I was little. Some are just starting out. A couple of players who have only been skating for a year or two. Just for fun? Oh, absolutely. Just, totally for fun. We just want to play hockey."

CWU just wants to play hockey so bad...the team travels throughout the northwest for matches....taking on Eastern University.....WSU, Boise State...Portland State....even the U-Dub.....and, the Cats have held their own. Central hockey's been going strong again for the past half dozen years. With these hardy, dedicated guys harboring no illusions of ever slap shotting their way to the NHL.

Justin Canada "No, no. I've been playing hockey for a long time. I've accepted that this is where I'm going to be. That's totally fine with me. I'm just going to play hockey."

FAN "attaway boys" )))