Butch and Hairy, a war?

Butch and Hairy, a war?
You gotta be pretty brave to be a Coug football fan these days.

That's one brave Cougar there. Look out Butch. Waving the colors proudly today on Yakima Avenue. Fortunately for the mascott from the Palouse there are a lot of Crimson and Grey fans in the Valley. And, Purple and Gold backers too. Hello Hairy the Husky. When these two get together you know that cross state Apple Cup war can't be too far away. And, no matter who boasts the rivalry bragging rights this year........one side will proudly proclaim Yakima as either Husky or Cougarville, with the appropriate school colors and banners adorning Yak Ave once the big winner of the on line u-rule yakima contest is announced. Get on it Wazzu and U-Dubbers....this cool contest's gonna go viral....huge....all over ....Great idea.....love it.

Dana Dwinell "You were sitting around bored one day and this popped in your head and what happened? Oh my gosh. I thought what if, why not if we get the mascotts here. Raise money for rotary charities and tap into the rivalry. Do they have bad breath? They're breathing all over you."

whether yakima bows down to washington or fight, fight, fights for washington state.......I couldn't resist getting into the fun. I'll be sporting the winning school's colors on KIMA Action News Sports at 6 the entire u-rule yakima winning week. Have to admit Butch....you've got great taste in rides.......but, what about that whacky coach of yours?
Butch, have you been the subject of any abuse by Coach Leach?