Big Things happening with the Vallley's Littlest Runners

Our part of the running world.....ruling the cross country ranks.

West Valley and Ellensburg boys and girls in the Top Ten Poll.

And, Eisenhower...just keeps running higher in the rankings. The number five Cadet girls, one, two in this past weekend's Sun Fair Invitational at Franklin Park. Ike's guys, 7 out of 10 at Sun Fair, led by winner Drew Schreiber in this exciting duel to the finish. Cadets up to second on the state high school elite list.......

The future looks bright for our local teams. Youngsters getting in their cross country race at Sun Fair. Hundreds of the best around.....running one mile.

A mile can be serious long distance for these kids. It's all about parental support. And, great programs such as Nob Hill Elementary's. Where the youngsters love to run....and getting a lot of love in return.

Chris Carter, Jamasen Carter, Bob Braun "Do you like running? Ya. Is it a lot of work? Ya. What do you think of his running? Is he going to be a runner? He's got the potential. Following dad. How's your grouop? We had 56 kids today. That's awesome. I don't care if they finish last or fist. Did their best. And, I'm proud of every one of them."